6 agosto 2012

Offerte di Lavoro: Raccoglitori di Fragole in Finlandia 2012

Come ogni anno in Finlandia cercano raccoglitori di Fragole e varie figure professionali nel campo agricolo. Scandenza candidature: 27 Agosto 2012

Job offer: Farm worker - Packing and sorting strawberry frigoplants

We are looking for experienced plant packers for a short time job in Finland. Tasks include packing and sorting of strawberry plants for frigo storage. Work experience in working with strawberry frigoplants is a must. We expect good attitude towards work, co-operation skills and flexibility. Working knowledge of English is required from one person in the group but it is not necessary to all candidates.

Working period is 10/10/2012-15/11/2012. Applications can be sent until 27/8/2012. Accommodation will be arranged, it will cost 112€/month/person. Ability to work fast in sorting plants is an important factor and will be considered when choosing employees. Salary is 7,91 Euros/hour. If work goes well, it is also possible to consider counting the salary by piece work, depending on the amount and quality of packed plants. This could mean better salary for the employee. This salary is brutto, before taxes. Working hours are 40 hours/week.

The employer is a Finnish farm, called Ihalan tila. The farm is situated in Uusikaupunki, approximately 80 kilometres from Turku. Farm also has poultry and vegetable production. Please send your CV in English to kirsi-maria.nikander@elykeskus.fi. Inquiries about the vacancy can be sent to the same address.


Informazione sul datore di lavoro: Kirsi-Maria Nikander
Indirizzo: 23500 Uusikaupunki, Uusikaupunki
Email: kirsi-maria.nikander@ely-keskus.fi
Scadenza per l'invio della candidature: 27/8/2012

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