8 febbraio 2012

SVE in Norvegia nel campo della Comunicazione e dei Media

L'associazione CISV Norge Internasjonale Barneleire, ad Oslo, in Norvegia, cerca volontari per progetto SVE. E' richiesta la conoscenza dell'Inglese.

The organization.

CISV Norway is a civil society organisation (non-profit, non-party political, non-religious), by and for youth. We have app 3700 member spread over Norway in 26 different local chapters. We focus on Peace education thru experimental learning.

CISV works within seven different programmes (i.e. camps, trainings, exchanges and projects). The programmes are local, national and international or global in their setting and society-, family- or camp-based.

Our target groups are children and youth in the age of 11 years and older for our participation opportunities, and adults from 21 years and above for our leadership opportunities.

The staff consists of 1 full-time and 1 part-time employee at the office located in Oslo and the national executive committee that consist of 5 volunteers in the age-range of 20-50 years from different regions in Norway. On a national level there are about 35 volunteers that are active and committed in their work in our 10 different national committees.

Profile of volunteers.

With the project we would like the volunteer to be active in different interest-groups/communities of his/her chosen theme. This will make the volunteer included with other active and engaged people outside of our organization as well.

We will try to accomadate the volunteer in a “shared appartement” with some norwegian students. The possibilities of joining different activities in Oslo are really good, so we’ll be flexible regarding to the wishes of the volunteer.

We can also offer the volunteer an environment where she/he can contribute with their own ideas and will very much lead their own project. We believe that this will make the EVS in CISV Norge very exciting and a good place for further learning for the volunteer.

Per maggiori informazioni e per inviare la propria candidatura (CV e Lettera motivazionale in Inglese) potete contattare Skeie André all'indirizzo e-mail: norway@cisv.org .

Dettagli sull'organizzazione:
CISV Norge Internasjonale Barneleire
Schweigaardsgate 34 E
0191 Oslo

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