10 febbraio 2012

SVE in Danimarca presso la Copenhagen Youth School

La Copenhagen Youth School ospita 2-3 volontari ogni anno nelle sue 3 sedi nella Capitale Danese. Le aree tematiche sono: Insegnamento, Lingue, Sport, Musica, Media e Ristorazione. Candidarsi il prima possible.

The School.

The Copenhagen Youth School, KKU supplies leisure time courses for more than 5000 youths in locations throughout Copenhagen, as well as full-time educational courses and specially designed educational and guidance projects for approximately 450 young people aged 13 to 21 according to their needs.

We can offer the volunteers an opportunity to participate in an active and engaged environment together with creative and inspiring personnel. The educational environment of the youth schools is characterized by tolerance, dedication and involvement, often including deadlines, shows, exhibitions and events as a challenge for the students. The Youth School is also a place where the problems of youths in a rapidly changing society are challenged and sought to be solved, and therefore it ia place of high intensity. We offer a range of competent and experienced youth workers, who will be glad to share their experience with young volunteers who are dedicated and enthusiastic.

Volunteers tasks and activities.

The volunteer period is from September through April. There are a variety of activities in which the volunteers might participate. The task list will be created together with the volunteer, thus benefiting from the expertise and the special interests of the volunteers. The volunteers will have their base in one of the centres, but they will have the opportunity to visit and share activities with the whole of KKU (Copenhagen Youth School).

Possible activities are:
  • Assisting in planning and carrying out social activities and awareness-raising events in connection with the cafés or clubs of the centres.
  • Assisting the leaders and instructors of 1) creative workshops 2) sports and fitness 3) computer 4) academic courses, English, Spanish, French.
  • Guest teaching in English courses, telling about their country and culture
  • Filming activities about global awareness and editing short video films for the website to promote global awareness activities.
  • Contributing to the youth school web-site for international activities with photos and articles, especially about Global Awareness activities.
The volunteers will have ample opportunity to meet volunteers from other countries and in other organisations and share their experiences in introductory courses and at their living quarters, which are dormitories rather than live-in situations.

Each volunteer will have one or two primary contact persons at their workplace. Danish Courses will be provided from the moment the work permit has been granted.

Per maggiori informazioni e per le candidature (CV e Lettera motivazionale in Inglese) potete contattare la Sig.ra Kirstine.

E-mail: diakoniaaret@diakonissen.dk
Phone: +45 38 38 41 26

Dettagli sull'organizzazione:
C/O Diakonissestiftelsen, Peter Bangs Vej 1

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